Who are we?

Peace Love and Vegetables is more than a business or a company, it is a movement, a way of living, a way of taking the power to nourish and heal ourselves back into our own hands. It is a family, a living, thriving organism that is both interactive and innovative.


We believe that the taste and quality of our products speak for themselves and therefore our mission to inspire, educate and enliven our customers becomes one of ease and enjoyment.


We here at Peace Love Vegetables started out with a dream to provide and intregrate holistic and healthy products into everyday life, bringing you premium yet affordable delicious goods. 


Our sauerkrauts, cashew cheese and kefir are all rich in nutrients and brimming with probiotics. Our ingredients are 100% Organic and of the highest quality we can find, utilizing medicinal herbs and spices as well as locally grown native Australian bush foods.


We focus on sustainable solutions and fair-trade practices, going above and beyond to ensure that every product that reaches our customers is of the highest quality possible



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Peace, Love and Vegetables

6 Ti Tree Place
Byron Bay 
NSW, AUS 2482
(02) 6698 6151

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